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If you are trying to get laid fast you don't want to waste time weeding through the crap sites full of scammers, hard to use interfaces, and bait and switch tactics, look no further. Here, you can find honest sex dating site reviews with practical tips on how to weed through the bullshit and get straight to the point - finding a fuck buddy ASAP.

Easy Sex

When it comes to casual dating, most websites are full of bullshit profiles from stuck up girls looking for an ego boost. Not the case here. is the top site dedicated to the process of an easy sex hookup. The only drawback to this site...


Like a woman who is used to taking care of people? She's mature, nurturing, and she knows how to take care of a man. Watch out, because you might get hooked on Milfs!

Affair Alert

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to have an affair with a married women, you are in for a treat. This site is FULL of horny, beautiful married women who are looking to cheat and have an affair. But the true genius is...

BBW Desire

Big and Beautiful can mean a lot of different things depending on who you ask. If you consider yourself an admirer of voluptuous women, you'd be in the right place with BBW Desire.


Find a hot MILF in your city that is horny and ready for sexy. On Milfaholic you can find countless MILFs looking to get fucked and satisfy their hot desires.

Free Hookups is a site that is entirely dedicated to casual encounters. It's a really simple concept. Free Hookups is more than just a site for casual hookups though. It is a site that's actively against relationships. It is targeted for people looking for no-strings attached sex.

Mega Hookup

If you're fan of beautiful, young, chubby girls, than this site is for you. On MegaHookup they aren't shy. I was looking for a quick fuck and these girls provided.


ULust is a vast network connecting millions of people online looking to fuck. If you lust for a quick hookup, then ULust's over 2 million registered members makes the chances of finding someone near you very high.

What is a Hookup Dating Site - and why should you join one?

Tired of wasting your time in bars and clubs, getting rejected, and going to bed alone? If so, Hookup Dating sites may be the perfect solution for you. Unlike most dating sites, with Hookup Dating sites, you can get straight to the point and get laid.

Going on dates is expensive and feels like you're constantly putting on an act just to get laid, but with Hookup Dating sites, everyone already knows what you want and there's no reason to hide it. Have the satisfaction of getting laid without the costs or pain of dating. Sounds perfect, right?

Hookup Dating quickly gets you off from your computer, out of the house, and into bed with hot women. Live the life you really want, hooking up and having one-night stands with hot women who want the same thing. It has never been easier before. And it's about time you got yours!

Hookup Dating sites create the perfect online meeting place for finding the best hookup opportunities. They give you the ability to chat online and swap pictures before actually agreeing to meet as most sites include real time video chats, and image galleries to make your search more gratifying.

Top Hookup Sites allows you to easily discover the best Hookup Dating site to satisfy your desires. The process is simple and exciting to find exactly what you are looking for. Easy hookups are out there waiting for you so why wait any longer? Read our Hookup Dating Site Reviews to find the best site for yourself!

Difference Between Adult Dating Sites and Mainstream Dating Sites

Answer this question: Are you looking for a serious girlfriend or wife? If you answered yes to that question, perhaps you should consider or Even more casual dating sites like Tinder are full of women who are looking for a serious commitment. If you are looking to get laid or have sex anytime soon, you are going to have an extremely hard time finding that on one of those sites.

Adult dating sex sites are different simply because the expectations are different going in. The last thing these girls on the sex site are thinking about is introducing you to their parents. Most of them actively want to keep their sexual activities a secret either from judgmental friends or even from a boyfriend or husband.

Because of this need for secrecy, the tempo on sex dating sites is different. You aren't going to spend weeks messaging with a woman and telling her your life history of where you were born, where you grew up, how many siblings you have, yada yada yada… Forget about jumping through hoops to meet her and going on several awkward dates before she tells you that she's sorry but she's just not over her ex.

Be prepared to take things fast on adult dating sites. The average number of days it takes between meeting a girl and meeting for sex is 3 days. Be prepared to break the ice, explore sexual fantasies, and then agree to a place to meet to fuck.

5 Tips to Meeting a New Hookup Buddy

#1 - Don't make the biggest mistake possible of assuming that just because these girls are on a sex site, they are sluts or prostitutes. Just because a woman goes on a sex site and is honest about her wants and needs, DOES NOT mean you should send her a picture of your dick before you've even gotten her name. This is the top mistake that men make that GUARANTEES they will not get any pussy on a dating site, no matter how much the site is setup to give them success.

#2 - DO write a genuine and thoughtful message, but keep it short and to the point! Remember, these ladies aren't looking for a boyfriend or even a date. They want to fuck and often they want to have sex tonight. So your message should put you on her radar and let her know that you will show her a good time. Don't bore her with a book. Just a compliment and an interesting question and she'll be welcoming you into her home to fuck her in no time.

#3 - Make yourself a real person by uploading a profile picture. If you don't want to put a picture of yourself online because of your wife or girlfriend or if your career requires discretion, you should put a photo of you with the face blurred out. You can do this easily using a free photo editor or Microsoft paint. If you absolutely cannot upload a photo of yourself, choose a photo that is unique to you. If you are a football fan, you can upload your favorite team, etc. Anything that makes you stand out as a unique person.

#4 - Be open minded! Sure, we all want to fuck Cindy Crawford, but just because you have many options on a dating site, be careful not to limit those options by being too picky. Less attractive women can often be the best women on sex sites because they are more desperate and eager to please. DO NOT hold out for a better deal. The more women you fuck, you will become even that more attractive to the others by giving off an air of confidence. Sex dating is not too far off from regular dating in that way.

#5 - Wear a condom, ALWAYS. Do you want a baby? Do you want an STD? If you answered no to either of these questions, wear a condom.