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Like a woman who is used to taking care of people? She's mature, nurturing, and she knows how to take care of a man. Watch out, because you might get hooked on Milfs! Having a casual relationship with a "mother I'd like to fuck" is pretty much having your cake and eating it too. Let the baby daddy deal with her kids, while you take care of mamma...

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Milftastic Features

Milftastic isn't breaking the mold with its features, but it has all of the essentials to be successful at hookup dating. It has multiple types of messaging: basic private messages between members in the form of site emails, instant messaging, and even video chat. These features are actually free to all members, but there is a limit to the number of times you can use the feature per day if you haven't upgraded to a premium membership. Still, Milftastic is pretty generous here because most sites out there don't allow video chat at all to free memberships. The video chat is also a pretty good feature to make sure you aren't dealing with scammers who go on to the site and pretend to be women. You don't want to use the video chat too often because it can actually increase the amount of time you are spending NOT meeting for sex in person, but it can help you if you are worried about milftastic scams through fake members. Simply suggest a quick video chat if someone seems too good to be true. But overall, the Milfs here are really down to earth and real women who are mostly legitimate.

Milftastic has a really great search feature that I would highly recommend using even if you are pretty flexible. Its always good to message your top choices first and spend your limited free messages on those women. So you can actually get pretty selective in your search preferences on Milftastic by searching by categories like MILF, cougar, or sugar mama. The majority of women fall into the Milf category, but there are some cougars, which tend to be similar to milfs but aren't moms but rather career women. And then sugar mamas are a lot more rare, but if they have disclosed that they are wealthy and looking to spend their money on a sex partner, then they are marked as a sugar mamma. And then, of course, there is search by location and other physical preferences also. With those, its generally best to do a broad search of women in your area. Physical preferences can really narrow down your fuck buddy options, especially because some women put "no answer" for certain physical features and they can get weeded out in the process of body type searches.

One unique feature is that Milftastic sends you matches regularly based on a bunch of factors like your preferences and location. The matches are pretty intuitive and can save a lot of time searching for your ideal sex buddy on the site. If you respond to one of your daily matches, you get email inbox priority too (to encourage utilizing the system), so it does give you an advantage in reaching her.

Another really useful feature is a sexy chat rooms and group chat. These can be extremely useful in hooking up with a fuck buddy on the site because it takes a lot of the pressure off of a one on one conversation and you can get to know the personality of a lot of different women based on how they respond in the group chat. This is a good way to gauge sexual compatibility.

And last but not least, Milftastic has a feature called "Hookup Now" which randomly pairs people who opt for blind hookups. Basically, if you know that you want to hookup within the next 2-6 hours, you can be paired with someone who also wants to meet to fuck in that time. This is good to use when you have a flexible schedule and are ready to drop whatever you are doing if you matchup for a fuck.

Pros of Milftastic

There's a lot of good stuff to say about the site, but the best thing is hands down the actual women on Milftastic. First off, the ratio of women to men here is a lot better than most other sites. Also, the women are really responsive and down to earth. Its very easy to start a conversation because the interface gives a lot of unique information about each woman and gives her a lot of information so it sparks better conversations. Its just overall a really good experience and sets you up for success to meet and fuck.

Cons of Milftastic

The big con of this site is that there can be a lot of annoying advertising like popup video ads. The site offers a ton more free features to members than other hookup dating sites, but those features have to be paid for somehow. That's why there are probably more ads on this site than usual.

Milftastic Site Tips

The most active users on the site are the most successful. This has a lot to do with the way that members are displayed to one another in search. If you are online then your profile is featured at the top of the search results above people who are offline. So if you are able to stay logged into the site for an extended period of time, you'll get a lot more action. Also, be sure to at least ad a photo because that also gives you priority in search results. Members without photos are actually shown last.

Milftastic Site Take Away

If you are into older women that are 30+ then you're going to love this site. If you aren't into older women or women with children or if that is a turnoff for you, then this definitely isn't where you are going to meet your ideal fuck buddy. Also, its good to note that the MILFs on Milftastic are NOT an overlap with BBW. So, if you are into larger full bodied Milfs, this might not be the best Milf site. The women on this site are cleaner, more well groomed, and thinner. Be prepared for a lot of married women too. While this site isn't specifically an affair site, there are a lot of married women. So if fucking another man's wife isn't your thing, you should probably ask upfront. Overall, there is an impressive amount of real, genuine, and friendly women on the site.

If you think you might be into this site then signup and give the free membership a try. You'll be able to tell pretty quickly whether you're into the women on the site or not. Is it a Milftastic scam? There is no more risk of this on here than any other hookup dating site or even clean dating site. Just make sure to always exchange photos before meeting and if you still feel like a women is too easy or too good to be true, then video chat and you can be sure. Pretty much, if you navigate the site and spend some time on it, you're going to get laid. So give it a shot and don't forget to come back here and share your success stories with us!

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