How to Send a Text to Get Her in the Mood

Top Hookup Sites Hookup Tips: How to Send a Text to Get Her in the Mood

We live in a great age of technology where sex can just be a quick text message away. Texting is great a way to say things to a woman that you might never have the nerve to say in person or over the phone. Making you able to be exciting and get out of your comfort zone to take your sexual heights to a new level. Sexting, as they call it, is the new foreplay and can easily get your fuckbuddy in the mood quickly and get you laid. We want to help you craft the best possible text. Follow our tips to sext like a pro.

Don't be a pest

If you want to turn her on, instead of off, make sure to not overdo it. It is okay to send her a fun sext during the day, but don't blow up her phone to the point of being creepy or overbearing. A sext should be something that gets her in the mood and let her imagination run wild. It isn't something that should annoy her, or interrupt her day. A simple message like, "Can't wait to ravage you later" is the way to go. One and done is the best way to go. If she doesn't answer you immediately, be patient and don't continue to message.

Auto-correct can be dangerous

Whether you are typing your text, or using voice recognition, make sure to re-read it over before you send it. Voice recognition and auto-correct are great ways to avoid an accident, but also a great way to cause one between you and a girl. Before you send the message, read it over and check for some serious mistakes.

Don't drunk dial

Alcohol is a great way to loosen up, but never a good idea to add to your sexting. When you are drunk, you are more likely to say and do things that you wouldn't normally do. That includes saying things you normally wouldn't (and shouldn't) say. There's nothing worse than waking up and reading what you wrote to someone while drunk. Once it has been sent, there is no taking it back. If you are going to go out with friends, make sure you have an understanding with them that no one texts while drunk.

Don't be too aggressive

A simple, sexy message to let her know how you are going to make her feel can turn bad quick if you are too aggressive. Watch the words you use and the tone you use them in. Don't come across as too pushy, aggressive or you run the risk of scaring them off or make them feel intimidated. Keep it fun and simple.

Do it at the right time

Choose the appropriate time to send your message. Too early in the day will seem over eager, too late in the day will seem desperate or like a last resort. If you know they has an important meeting or appointment, avoid messaging before or during to upset or annoy them.

Keep it simple and follow these tips and you'll have her wet in no time and be on your way to getting laid tonight. Don't have a hookup buddy yet? Learn how to send your first message on a hookup site or read about my experience with finding a fuck buddy online to learn why you should try online hookup dating.

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