How to Tell if She is an Escort Trying to Scam You

Top Hookup Sites Hookup Tips: How to Tell if She is an Escort Trying to Scam You

One of the biggest fears people have about hookup dating sites is that they are going to get scammed. While hookup dating sites are still better for meeting women than sites like Craigslist, they aren't completely without risk. While using these sites myself, I have seen a lot of different attempts at scams and I am here to tell you the warning signs that you need to look out for.

It would be nice if sex hookup sites could be free of scams and just be a peaceful realm on which we can easily find people to fuck, but unfortunately there are people looking to take advantage of you (just like on most of the internet). Examples of scammers on hookup sites are women and private investigators looking to catch men, people trying to blackmail you and people trying to steal your money (note: NEVER give your credit card information to members of hookup sites). You may also run into escorts using the sites as a marketing tool to gain clients. You'll come across escorts every so often while on hookup sites. It's unavoidable. At first you may not be able to figure them out, but with these tips, you'll be able to easily spot them in no time.

She has a phony name

We all know those cliche stripper sounding names like "Jewel" or "Lexi", these are names that can easily belong to an escort on a dating site. Also, if her name seems way too common like "Katie Smith" then that could be a red flag as well because she may be trying to use a common name to mask herself.

She refuses to give personal information

While it is possible that a woman on a hookup site simply doesn't want to give out personal information, it may be a good rule of thumb to avoid these women all together. Try trading information about yourself for information about them. If she still won't then it may be best to move on because an escort will be very private so you can't figure out what they are.

She's willing to meet at her place

If she claims to be married then chances are that she would never meet at her place. If she claims to be single then it would be more likely. Before you go to her place make sure to Google the address to learn more about it. If it seems sketchy or is next to a strip club or other businesses, avoid it. If you show up you're going to have to pay.

She tells you to bring money

If she's telling you to bring money she clearly intends to get paid by you. She may tell you that the money is for drinks or the hotel room, but she wants money from you as well. Real women you meet won't tell you that you have to pay for everything on the first date.

She only cares about pleasing you

Hookups are a two-way street. No one is going to take the time to signup and pay for a hookup dating site without wanting to get pleasured. If she only seems to be interested in talking about what you want and what she's going to do to you and ignores what you want to do for her, then that's another red flag that she's an escort.

Escorts are in it to make money and they do that by getting you off. They don't care if you can please them or not. In the end, their pleasure comes from the money she's going to collect from you.

To avoid getting taken advantage of by an escort or being force to pay for sex after hooking up, keep these flags in mind when you chat with women on dating sites and you'll be that much closer to finding real women to fuck. Conversations with escorts will seem way too easy and eager while real women are going to make you work a bit for it. If it seems way too good to be true, chances are that you're talking to an escort. Don't let that prevent you from using hookup sites though. For every escort that talks to you there are hundreds of real women looking to get laid.