How to Fail at Flirting Online

Top Hookup Sites Hookup Tips: How to Fail at Flirting Online

Part of the attraction to online dating on hookup dating sites is that many people feel more confident and it helps in their flirting with other people. When the numbers of available hookups are as high as they are online versus as low as they are in public, you can be more outgoing and take more risks with your flirting. There are limits however and many things you can say to turn off women online. Follow our rules to prevent from going overboard and turning off your potential hookups.

Don't always go for the kill

Women are often turned off by guys who are too aggressive or blunt. When you're flirting online you need to be clever and subtle and never just go for the kill by openly asking something like "are we going to have sex or what?". A better method would be asking her out for dinner or a drink and working your way towards it. You can make sexual innuendos and tease her with what you want to do with her, but don't just ask for sex because you'll come off as overly aggressive or desperate.

Don't be all about you

Women don't like guys who are way too into themselves. If you only talk about yourself and brag then you're going to come off as self-absorbed and selfish - and women who are looking to hookup online don't want to think that you're selfish because they will think you're that way in the bedroom as well. Ask her about herself and make sure she knows that you care about her needs and interests as well then she will be much more likely to want to hookup with you.

Don't be detached

Make sure she thinks you're into her. While most people on hookup dating sites are chatting with multiple people at the same time, it is important to give them all enough attention to make them feel like you're interested. If you're too detached then she'll think you're not interested or figure out that you're talking to others and get annoyed.

Don't be slow

While playing hard to get can work, it is important to respond within a decent timeframe, too. Many women are on these hookup sites to get attention that they aren't getting elsewhere and don't want to be ignored. Give her the attention she needs and you'll be sure to hookup. Stay engaged.

Don't forget important details

Remember who you're talking too and try not to forget important details that they have already told you about. If you start asking duplicate questions within the same conversation then she'll know that you're not paying attention and juggling multiple women. If you don't remember, scroll up in your chat window before asking questions that you should already know the answer too. Remembering these details or being smart enough to scroll back and find answers will make them feel like you're that much more attentive to them and will be that way in bed as well.

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