6 Tips For Hookup Dating After 40

Top Hookup Sites Hookup Tips: 6 Tips For Hookup Dating After 40

Dating to hookup is easy when you're in your 20's but it gets harder as you get older. Here are 6 tips for you to use to make hookup dating easier.

1) Join an adult dating site

There are a lot of hookup dating sites out there and quite a few of them cater to older people. You can join one and find someone who's in a similar age and life phase as you. You'll have more in common with a 45 year old divorcee than a 20 year old who just wants to party. Yes, it may sound like more fun, but you want someone that you can relate to and not have to deal with childish behavior.

2) Know what you want

Are you looking for a long term relationship or a hookup? Know what you're looking for and be clear about it when you meet someone so they don't get the wrong idea. If you're upfront about what you want then it will save you time by not getting involved with someone in a relationship that won't work out.

3) Be confident

Don't think you're too old to find someone new and unconsciously push women sex away. If you find someone attractive, talk to them. Confidence is one of the most attractive qualities to women.

4) Be patient

If you don't connect with the first person you meet, don't give up. It may take some time before you find the person you're looking for. At the same time, if you're not sure about someone, it may be wise to give them a second date before making up your mind.

5) Look good

Age should have no impact on how you present yourself. Don't try and look younger by how you dress. Just take pride in your appearance and confidence will radiate off you. Shave, get a haircut, buy a few new shirts and make yourself look like an adult who knows how to look after themselves and is taking their life seriously. No body wants to date someone who doesn't respect them enough to put on some nice clothes and clean up.

6) Put the focus on yourself, not what you've achieved

Try to avoid mentioning how well off you are and whether or not your house is paid off. This will help stop gold diggers and scammers from getting interested in you. Instead of mentioning a fancy vacation you took you could mention your hobbies like playing football on the weekends or going to bars and watching local bands play.

What are you waiting for? Give it a try!

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