10 Adult Hookups Tips and Tricks for Singles

Top Hookup Sites Hookup Tips: 10 Adult Hookups Tips and Tricks for Singles

Being single can be rough, especially when you just want to find someone to hookup with. We have been posting a lot of different reasons as to why you should try online hookup dating and different tips as to how to get started, but we know single life can be tough and want to offer you some general tips for not only online, but for the real world, too.

1. Try online and in person

While we firmly believe in the success of online hookup sites, we understand that it may take time for you to believe in it, too. If that's the case, then don't put all your fish in one basket, keep getting out there to bars and talk to anyone that catches your eye. The more people you talk to, the better your chances are.

2. Show off your body

Ladies, wear dresses that show off your best asset. Have good breasts? Then wear something low to draw extra attention to them. Men, wear shirts that are tailored to show off those arms and stay away from unflattering baggy clothes. You know what your best feature is so show it off.

3. Be obvious that you're interested

Don't play hard to get because you're not. Show them that you're serious by engaging with them and getting their number quickly. If you meet them in person, touch their arm when you speak with them to add an extra intimate feel to the conversation and let their imagine start to work.

4. Be Clear That it's ONLY a Hookup

You don't want to give them the wrong idea and end up getting someone clingy that's trying to start a relationship. Tell them upfront that you're just looking for some fun. Even if they decline, it's better to be upfront about it then find out they aren't interested in a hookup later or having them cling to you after.

5. Be Careful

Don't give them too much personal information and especially don't give them your home address. And always use condoms. You never know what they may have and you never want a pregnancy scare from a hookup.

6. Act Confident

If you're looking to get laid then you need to act the part. Confidence is sexy and will tell others that you mean business and know what you're doing. Use eye contact, stand up straight and act like you own the place and you'll get them back to your place in no time.

7. Relax

Nervous energy can be very awkward and a huge turn off so it's important to know how to relax. If you are shy or nervous then it may be good to have a drink before approaching anyone to kill some of your nerves and loosen up. Then take a few deep breaths before you start talking to someone.

8. Be Naughty

At a certain point the walls will start going down and you will need to go with it. When they start dropping hints that they're ready and willing to hookup, it's important that you don't miss the cues and that you return the signals. They may do this by touch, eye contact or even just say something so be aware of the situation. When you notice it, steer the conversation to a more naughty one by asking them what the craziest thing they've done with a stranger or if they have any secret passions that they might want to act out.

9. Be Friendly

Don't come off like a creep. Smile and laugh to show them that you are a fun person that they will want to be around. Complement them and make them feel good.

10. Make the First Move

When things have progressed to a more private situation, take control. Don't let them reconsider. Start unbuttoning your shirt and show them that you really mean business. They'll get the hint and join in. Soon enough you'll be naked and fucking.

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