My Experience With Finding a Fuck Buddy Online

Top Hookup Sites Hookup Experiences: My Experience With Finding a Fuck Buddy Online

Are you tired of hearing people talk about "fuck buddies" and "friends with benefits", "one night stands" when you've never had one yourself? You hear these terms all the time on TV and even in movies. People get together and have relationships solely based around sex and nothing else. No need for expensive dates, sharing of emotions or cuddling. Just sex for fun. Sounds too good to be true, right? That's what I thought this until I finally decided to try the world of online hookup dating sites.

How do I get my own fuck buddy?

This is the question I hear the most from my guy friends as it's what every man truly wants. A no-strings attached partner for nothing but sex. That's exactly what I was thinking after getting out of a long-term relationship a few years ago. I needed sex. Badly. But couldn't deal with starting another relationship with a woman yet.

The problem was that I had no idea how to get a fuck buddy. Most of the girls I knew were dating someone or I knew they would never be into a no-strings attached relationship like I wanted. I'm not the most attractive guy, and going to bars was awkward, expensive, and very hit or miss (almost always miss). I tried Tinder and other online dating sites, but girls on those sites always wanted to be wined and dined and there was still no guarantee of sex and, if we did get to the point of sex, it took way too long to get there and they always wanted a real relationship afterwards.

After all these failures through traditional means, I decided to go outside of the box. I decided to Google 'hookup dating' and the results blew my mind. That was the moment when I discovered there are actual sites specifically intended for hooking up. The new problem became how do I know that these are real and which site gives me the highest chance of getting laid?

Finding the perfect hookup dating site

First, don't let the term 'hookup dating' confuse you. This isn't traditional dating at all. At first I didn't quite understand this myself so I started doing research. Looking up all varieties of hookup dating sites, their costs, and features. Some even offered free trials which I tested out. It took a lot of time to make a decision, but I finally decided to buy in and really try one, Easy Sex. My life changed forever.

After setting up my profile on Easy Sex and browsing all the sexy women nearby me (even finding women I already knew on the site), I knew things were going to be good. I was very intimidated at first as there were SO many sexy women near me and I felt a little out of my league. But then I said fuck it, and just went for it. I chatted with a few girls for a couple days and started really figuring things out and learned that these women all want what I want, easy, no-strings attached sex. So I just went for it and asked the sexiest woman I found to hookup.

Her response instantly filled me up. Later that night, I she drained me like I had never experienced in my life. I was blown away by how easy it was to find a woman to hookup with online. And she was so out of my league. We've continued our casual encounters for a few months, but I also stayed on Easy Sex and hooked up with other women because with these commitment-free relationships, I could!

My experience

After my experience with hookup dating I wanted to make sure other men knew the truth and the possibilities available to them online. That's why I decided to join Top Hookup Sites as a Blog contributor. I hope to lend my knowledge to guys trying hookup with local women through my own experiences. Check out my reviews and the articles I post on this site and let the amazing world of online hookup dating open to you!

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