How to Avoid Scams on Hookup Sites

Top Hookup Sites Dating Guides: How to Avoid Scams on Hookup Sites

Hookup Dating sites are known for two things: connecting strangers who are looking to get laid quick and scams. There are lots of hookup site scams out there and you need to be aware of how to detect and avoid them so you don't fall victim.

Scammers exist on most (if not all) hookup sites but don't let that stop you from getting laid. Pay close attention to this guide and there's no way you'll be scammed by people on hookup sites.

Scammers like to contact people on hookup sites because they have access to so many people online. The amount of people can also be their downfall though because they tend to just copy/paste messages to everyone they see so their messages are very generic and non-specific - which is your first tip for detecting scammers. When you start talking to someone, ask them a specific question about something on their profile. Chances are they will just avoid the question and to stick to their script because they are using so many profiles that they can't keep them all straight to give you a correct answer. In face, anytime someone continues to avoid your questions, you should be raise a red flag for a potenital scammer. Maybe even ask them a question you've already asked but slightly rephrased and see if they give the same answer or if they contradict themselves.

Another clue is in their spelling and grasp of the English language. Are they making horrible spelling mistakes or clearly using the wrong words in sentences because English probably isn't their first language? Foreign countries are infamous for trying to scam people online and this should be a huge red flag that you're likely talking to a scammer. Don't be confused with internet short speak though. Abbreviations like 'brb', 'ask', 'swak', and others are very common short-hand dialog used with texting and talking online. Spelling errors and blatant misuse of words will be the biggest tip off.

The next clue is them asking for money. Never send anyone on any type of online dating or hookup site money. Never. They may say they want to buy something sexy to wear for you or give you a sob story like they need money to pay their bills or something, but do not trust them and DO NOT send them money. If they have money to be on a hookup site, they have money for whatever they are asking for so no one would ask for money. If you feel bad saying no or think it may be a valid reason, tell them you'll give them the money in person. Another excuse they will use is needing money for an immediate medical problem. Don't fall for this one either.

Finally, the last clue is them asking for too many personal details like your full name, address or anything else that they could use to scam you or steal your identity. Until you actually meet, you are both strangers and have no business knowing any of this about each other. Again, tell them you'll tell them more about you in person but even try to avoid that because do you really want your hookup to know that much about you? Additionally, never should you ever give them your email address or password.

I hope these clues help you navigate the waters of online hookup dating. While you may get nervous from reading this post, I assure you that the number of normal people looking to get laid far out numbers the number of scammers. So don't be afraid and go check out our Top Hookup Sites Reviews to find the perfect site for you to get laid.