5 Reasons Why MILFs are Better for Getting Laid

Top Hookup Sites MILF Dating: 5 Reasons Why MILFs are Better for Getting Laid

When it comes to hookups and getting laid, everyone has their own likes and desires for who they want to fuck. Some like younger women, some like bigger women, and some like older women like MILFs. However, when it comes to hooking up, sometimes you should avoid being picky and go with what works best. That's older women. Here are five reasons why cougars are the best bet for hooking up an getting laid.

They have more experience

This is a common stereotype for older women and it is absolutely true. It's simple math, they've lived longer and have had more opportunities to have sex. They've had time to try everything and know what they like and what makes sex more pleasurable and fun. Cougars know all the best positions and kinks and will be invigorated by having young, fresh meat like you to fuck.

They know what they want

With their years of experience comes time to figure out and know exactly what they like and what they want. MILFs are no nonsense when it comes to having sex and won't be shy about telling you how to touch and pleasure them. Not only that, but when they want you, they're going to let you know and not play games.

They don't want a relationship

MILFs have generally been in longterm relationships in the past that have taken up most of their youth and aren't looking for that again. They want one time hookups or a younger fuckbuddy to play with whenever the mood hits them. Typically the age difference between a cougar and their younger men quickly becomes an issue if they spend too much time together so they try to avoid that and keep their time in the bed.

They know what you like

Cougars know exactly how to please men because they have the extra experience in doing so. When it comes to having sex they won't waste time giving you a sloppy blow job or lazy foreplay. They will know exactly what you need to get you going for a great fuck.

They're confident

With all their experience comes another layer of confidence that younger women simply don't and can't have. MILFs aren't concerned about their bodies or what others might think of them. They're at a time in their life when they are going to get what they want and that is sex. They know sex well and that makes them even more confident in the bedroom.

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